Naava Women's 9 ct White Gold Four Prong Set Round Brilliant Cut Tanzanite with Diamond Set Heart Shoulder Ring wOmTsVD

Naava Women's 9 ct White Gold Four Prong Set Round Brilliant Cut Tanzanite with Diamond Set Heart Shoulder Ring wOmTsVD
Naava Women's 9 ct White Gold Four Prong Set Round Brilliant Cut Tanzanite with Diamond Set Heart Shoulder Ring
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Colombian Spanish has its playful way with words and it’s easy to get things mixed up, especially when you’re still learning the language. Take these 4 words for example: coco, coca, cacao, cocada. All look very similar

tonon-Spanish speaking travelers.

We’re gonna give you the low down on these 4 ‘C’ words to help you improve your Colombian Spanish. It’llserve you well when you <<travel to Cali and around the country>>.

Rule 1: When looking for coco (ko-ko), aka coconut, whether shredded or whole, don’t ask for coca (ko-ka). Coca is the plant which natives chew in high elevations to combat altitude sickness and fatigue. It’s the same plant thatcriminals chemically process into cocaine. Many call cocaine “coca” though they are two distinct products. So don’t be the personat the <<Alameda Market>> asking the guy twisting out coconuts for drugs.

Rule 1:

Fyi, cocaine is not a cool thing here and if you have some Hollywood delusions about<<what life is like in Cali>>, you should leave those delusions at home. Most people in Cali and the rest of Colombia, are hard workingcitizens whojust want to live, the same as you and I.

Cocainehas hurtColombia in ways that outsiders can’t imagine. It’s important to respect what the local’shave had to endureand to understand the damage that this clandestine activity has caused.

Rule 2: With Rule #1 in mind, you can get <<coca leaves>>, to chew on or to drink in tea. Coca leaves have been found to be very high in Vitamins and Minerals. Within Colombia it’s legal to have a certain amount of the leaf.

Rule 2:

Rule 3: <<Cacao>> (kah-cow) is the fruit from where all chocolate comes from. That’s right, chocolate comes from a fruit. Packed with minerals that are lacking from the standard western diet, many people claim it to be the world’s number 1 “superfood.”

Rule 3:

It’s not easy to find Cacao in Colombia unless you know where to find it. Colombia is not the largest producer of cacao, nor does it appear to have an easily accessible marketplace, where anyonecan purchase JewelryPalace Luxury 20ct Created Alexandrite Sapphire Dangle Earrings 925 Sterling Silver uYSZiV
or other <<cacao products>>. Your best option is to befriend someone with ties to the Pacific Coast or the Santander area, and see if they can scoop you some from theirpersonal farm, much like the TOP TRENDY Style Rose Gold Plated Pull Through Threader Long Chain Drop Tassel Cubic Zirconia Dangle Earrings wAJy2W

The impetus behind the change? “It’s clear the community wants retailtainment,” said Barnes Noble Vice President of Development David Deason in a piece by Minnesota’s Star Tribune . “This is a departure for us. It’s not grab-and-go, but sit-and-stay.”

This “sit-and-stay” idea is what brick and mortar retailers can take from Barnes Noble’s retailtainment concept.

One of the central tenets behind retailtainment is the notion that the longer people spend in your store(s), the more likely they are to purchase something. So focus your retailtainment strategy on a particular area (to throw it back to our first point), and make sure that area is something that’ll entice customers to “sit-and-stay” rather than “grab-and-go.”

National Geographic and iP2Entertainment are in the process of developing two “museum retail” locations in China.

According to a National Geographic press release , the Shenyang and Hengqin centers (with the former set to open in summer 2017) will “offer a unique opportunity to play and explore through themed attractions, interactive demonstrations, and hands-on workshops in a fun and immersive environment that ignites kids’ curiosity about the world.”

The National Geographic-branded “Museum Retail” locations will fuse education with retail, and a portion of the proceeds will go to the National Geographic Society’s nonprofit work.

It’s this last part that we think brick and mortar retailers can take to heart. If you have the means, incorporate a charity element into your retailtainment experience . Customers will be more likely to get involved if they feel like they’re contributing to a good cause.

We hope these retailtainment examples have shed some light on the kinds of experiences consumers are looking for. Have you come across any compelling retailtainment concepts recently? Let us know in the comments!

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Nikki is Vend's content and copy wizard. American-born and Auckland-based, she's into reading (a lot), writing (obviously), and travelling (always).

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If the new consumer shops differently; unique “Retailtainment ” can certainly be the difference maker in hacking and growing your retail business.

Really enjoyed this piece Nikki. How effective do you think live events, free product give aways and offering educational aspects to a store’s retail audience can be at boosting in-store traffic and especially increasing customer retention?

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When I first heard of Las Fallas,held each March in Valencia, Spain, I could almost smell the smoke. The term “fallas” comes from Latin “facula”, meaning “torch”.Of course I wanted to go! I love fire and pyrotechnics!

Burning Man got the opportunity to join and collaborate with the event this year, and my hand went up right away. This trip had been on my life’s to-do list for a long time.

When I travel, I like to look at it through the lens of what I refer to as my “Three Principles of Travel”. What are these three principles, you might ask?

1. Create and foster community through the element of fire.

Fire —in the proper format —has always brought people together. That may be as simple as a group gathered around a campfire for warmth, safety, or the preparation of a meal. Around the fire, people talk and plans are made. Those plans may lead to the creation of new social groups or ideas as big as a pyramids or the Burning Man temples.

In Valencia for Las Fallas, this fostering of community starts right away as each neighborhood forms a group referred to as the “Falleros” who meet at their clubhouse or “Casal Faller”. This team takes on the planning of the collection of pieces (“Ninots”) that will be the focus for the coming year. The whole neighborhood can join this effort with workdays and community meals leading up to the burn (“La Cremà”) at the end of the week.

The first night of the event arrives with the raising of these projects (“Day of la Plantà”). The community sets up tables in the streets and comes together to celebrate the project. These pieces are a source of pride for each group, and everyone can lend a hand in their own way. Prepare the meal, paint the piece, or simply help carry it to the burn pad. All of this reminds me of the community that grew around the Circle of Regional Effigies project we did a few years back.

2. Push yourself right up to your limits, and then one notch past.

The use of fireworks by small children, firecrackers of all sizes, and large public aerial displays by the pyrotechnic dynasties of Valencia are vital parts of the event. From the moment you wake up at 8 am to the sounds of brass bands parading down all the streets — complete with folks tossing huge firecrackers — to the moment you fall asleep to the sound of the same firecrackers, the smell of gunpowder is always present.

As a pyrotechnician, I have heard for years about a type of pyrotechnic display called a Mascletà. These displays are almost exclusively done in Valencia and surrounding areas. The show consists of up to 7,000 20–60-gram flash salutes hung on lines like drying laundry seven feet off the ground and all interconnected with quick fuse. The show begins with the first lines of salutes being ignited. As the show progresses, more and more lines are lit, resulting in increasing waves of pressure and noise. All of this is accompanied by a large aerial salute barrage and screamer mines. Each day, promptly at 2 pm, the display begins with a call from the balcony of City Hall by the woman who represents the event all year long referred to as the “Fallera Mayor”.

The call rings out…

“Mr. Pyrotechnic, you may commence the Mascletà!”

I was lucky enough to be at show control for six of these displays, and on the first day I asked the pyros if I would need hearing protection. They gave me a stern look that questioned if I was weak. None of them were using any earplugs, so I thought, “Just go with it.”

The first fuse was lit, and it was loud! As the display passed the halfway point, the intensity increased to a level known as the “Terremoto”, or earthquake. The blasts moved closer and closer to our position at show control. I could feel the concussion of the salutes vibrating my eyeballs in and out of their sockets. The sensation reminded me of a speaker diaphragm vibrating with bass. I thought for a moment my eyes would bleed, and every part of my brain told me to put my hands over my ears. Yet no one else was doing so and I would not be the first.

Just when it reached its peak and came to an end a few feet from where we were standing, I was at the point of fight or flight… Well, I lived! And each day after that I became more and more comfortable with the show and could even manage to think complete thoughts while it was happening. It is pure pyrotechnic madness, and I had gone 20 or 30 notches past my comfort level.

3. Bring back cool stuff for your friends and family.

Of course there were many other adventures, including dressing as a red devil and parading thought the streets waving a pitchfork that spewed fireworks. There were so many good meals around street fires with new friends that I lost count.

That is good and all, but what were the gifts that I brought back to my friends and family? No one likes a traveler who doesn’t bring some gifts back.

We brought the gift of collaboration! And some cool pins…

Before the event week, Artists Karen Cusolito from Oakland and Arlo Laibowitz from Holland embedded themselves with local Fallers of the Castielfabib Association. Their hosts were Spanish artists David Moreno and Miguel Arraiz García (who will be coming to Black Rock city this year with their project, Renaissance). Featuring elements of renaissance Spain with modern playa aesthetics, it will be a great first cooperative project with the artists of Valencia. Tips for working on projects in Black Rock City flowed from us, and in turn we were brought deep into the artists’ perspective on the Fallas.

I also have a feeling that after our group met with the Valencia City officials, there is a strong possibility we’ll get to bring some of our works of fire (including flame effects) to Las Fallas in the future. I was greatly inspired after meeting with the pyros there. Now that I am back, I am going to put my thinking hat on. There must be a way to bring a Mascletà to the playa! Though it may have to be scaled down a bit! (Wink…)

Of course, for my pyro friends I brought cool pins! They are large felt firecrackers with bands of the colors of Valencia!

Nice, ya?

About the author: DaveX

As a child Dave X sought out activities considered naughty by some, including his parents. In doing so he noticed that through the organization of others he could achieve greater levels of naughtiness. As he grew older Dave X was always looking behind the curtain to see who the wizard really was and how his mysterious machines worked. It was only natural that he would bring the traits of organization and mechanical curiosity together in his future work. In 1992 he was lured to the Black Rock Desert when he discovered a strange group called The Cacophony Society. Wonders and curiosities were discovered as he crossed to a new reality and he knew he had seen the future. This future was made of wood and stood tall and proud on the desert floor before taking flight to the spirits in a blaze of fire. In 1999 after several years of creating large-scale fire installations he realized that the use of fire and fuel had grown to a tipping point. He saw that the time had come to either self regulate its use or face outside regulation. Under the guidance of Crimson Rose he began his career with the Performance Safety Team and sought trainings and licensing so that he could create guidelines for the use of fire and fuels that would ensure the spectacle and ritual of their use while preventing their misuse. Dave X is now the Manager of the Fire Art Safety Team and holds several certifications for fuel management as well as being a licensed Pyrotechnic Operator.

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It was such a great pleasure meeting you guys, understanding what’s behind Burning Man’s collective soul, and trying to transmit you our feelings and opening our hearts to you.

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bake. eat. repeat.


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Creamy Salsa Chicken Stuffed Shells

*I am partnering with Kroger to bring you this delicious meal idea.

Is it obvious that I kind of have a thing for pasta? Yeah, I thought so.

When I am in charge of dinner prep, I almost always go for some sort of pasta. Something about it that just yells comfort food to me. Add a bunch of cheese and a meat and who can resist it? I think more of this Chicken Supreme Pasta Bake needs to happen on a regular basis. Or some Genuine Sterling Silver Horse Clip On Charm AldzZxFq
…I’m good with either every week.

Recently I was asked by Kroger to try their new PeakFection Salsa and Guacamole. I love that this is made with fresh ingredients and will last for weeks in your refrigerator if you keep it unopened. These days it is hard to find pre made anything that isn’t loaded down with preservatives and more. Reading the labels, I was able to read everything and know what it was. You can find both of these in the refrigerated deli section in your Kroger grocery stores.

Mexican food is a very close second to pasta in my list of meal favorites, so it was a no brainer to say yes to this opportunity.

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